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The South African OLX Classified Website called OLX24 is definitely here to provide you with all your online marketing tools to help you buy and sell your products online with just a few clicks. Now with over 2.3K ads, OLX24 is slowly growing bigger and will be the best thing on the internet.

South Africa - The online marketplace where you can buy and sell is one of the best tools to use nationally as well as in the rest of the world. Are you a business guru? Do you want to make your business work? We have spoken about the best practices for making the online market a better place. There is so much going on online and thus, it is of utmost importance to stay away from a lot of sites and focus more on reputable websites, as well as emerging websites such as OLX24. OLX24 is not a part of Media24 , we only saw an opportunity to keep the keyword going and help people make the internet a better place. 

OLX24 was started by Isaac More, a young South African Entrepreneur and IT 'Guru', who is trying everything online to make a successful online presence using the techniques he's learned from Belgium Campus (IT Private Varsity) in Pretoria. 

The South African OLX24 website is designed to ensure that you have access to real people, and real ads and minimize scams online. As much as we do our part, there will always be chance takers online. 

Ever been online and something seem a whole lot good to be true, well, it is most probably is - however, there are real bargains online when buying products posted by our users. OLX24 is planning (Soon), to collect some of the items sold online to our official store for a fee. Products that will be accepted are mostly electronics, Cellphones and Tablets, and other products such as clothes, furniture, etc. These products should be registered under your name and have proof that they belong to you. Every item in our store will be marked (In-Store verify.jpg). Users will pay for storage (Min: R100) and a 5% commission after-sale (This is just a rough idea - as we will need to build stores in each province).

OLX South Africa - (OLX24) is a marketplace targeting every city and most villages in South Africa. Search for your village and you will find it. Reasons why we include villages, we try to narrow your search down, as you may find what you looking for in your area, which could be your neighbor. You might be looking for a Job, A pet, A car, A new home, we got your back. 

The South African OLX24 URL is https://www.olx24.co.za and our official blog is https://blog.olx24.co.za we are not trying to get sued here NOPE!, we are only an IT specialist team taking advantage of what's no more. 

It is time to make life easier - things easier - and truly get connected to real customers and avoid a lot of scams in South Africa. 

Safety Tips

The advertisements are published by individuals or professionals and don't directly concern OLX24. Our site is a channel for connecting people. So please check the quality of the product or service before buying or renting it. (As much as we do our part, please do your part )

Important: Don't send money remotely for a product or for a service. When meeting with a seller and/or a buyer ensure that you are in a public space such as a restaurant, taxi rank, or a popular and busy store - your safety comes first. These are only suggestions and OLX24 can not be held liable for unforeseen circumstances during a transaction with your potential clients or services rendered to you. 

  • Never disclose your personal information - Your personal information should stay as is, Personal - Sharing it may lead to unforeseen circumstances that may leave you in a dire situation. 
  • Some profiles may be fake - Don't be lured by a profile picture, a fake is a fake - You will definitely see it at first sight. 
  • Invite a friend to accompany you - When collecting or dropping a product, take a friend with you for safety. 

The marketplace is now booming especially with the recent pandemic (COVID-19) - the online business has become one of the best platforms there is. Never find yourself stranded where your hard-earned money is taken from you due to taking a high risk of meeting in dodgy places, a whole lot worse can happen. 

Watch out for the following?

  1. Counterfeit Products - There are a lot of fake products that you may regret paying for. Ensure you purchase original items from the seller. Nowadays there are fake phones, TVs, and a whole lot more, in fact, everything has been faked, even iPhones.  
  2. Advance payments - If a seller asks for an advance payment, DO NOT DO IT! Imagine sending cash to someone you haven't met, know nothing about, and yet still find it fitting to, that's just messed up, DON'T DO IT. 
  3. Overpayments - Every item deserves to be paid exactly what it's worth. Don't find yourself paying R1000 for an item that's worth R20 (Funny yeah, but you'd be surprised how many people make that mistake)
  4. Fake Accounts - OMG! So many fake accounts on Facebook, and Twitter. OLX24 is no exception, be careful and it is always better to talk to someone over the phone to ensure everything is as real.
  5. Phony rentals - Not all rental apartments are real, there are a lot of scams, however, OLX24 goes through listings once a month and removes phony ads. 
  6. Broken Items - Do not pay for an item you haven't seen - it is best to test an item with the seller - however, if you are buying a broken item knowingly, that's acceptable. 
  7. Car Deposits - Paying for a car deposit? Online scammers will ask for a small fee and then give you a fake address, which happens a lot on Facebook Marketplace. If it's a dealership, contact them on their landline, if it's a private seller, it is best to meet in a police station with the car papers and everything that's needed. It is safer that way.

Why OLX24?

OLX24 protects the people and not the brand. We care for you not the company itself, without you, there's no OLX24. If you are scammed online using any service, the experience stays with you for a lifetime and thus we want to minimize that. It is often okay, to have us look into a product before you can consider making a purchase. We will make all attempts in contacting the seller and ensure it is a real person with real intentions. 

We want to go an extra mile for you, your smile is our priority. OLX24 ensures you get in touch with the seller through our platform, and we take no responsibility for any transactions, we do our part in ensuring and advising you to take necessary steps before making a purchase. In most cases, when talking to a seller, you may be able to pick a few signs if it is indeed a real deal. You can ask for additional pictures.

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